51 Acres for all Gardening, Contract Maintenance and Garden Design

  • Meeting Nature Halfway unused thumbnail Meeting Nature Halfway The garden suggests there might be a place where we can meet nature halfway. - Michael Pollan
  • 51 LOVE! unused thumbnail 51 LOVE! The tennis court sits in a well tended area of the property and well designed and maintained planting and groundwork can enhance it as a feature
  • Decking - The furnishing of exterior design unused thumbnail Decking - The furnishing of exterior design Suddenly the garden can become the external room in the house when it has a focal point and somewhere to entertain or simply lounge.
  • Allotments - A pleasure rediscovered unused thumbnail Allotments - A pleasure rediscovered The big buzz around gardening is the redesicovery of the simple pleasure of growing your own produce. It's creativity in it's most natural form.
  • The difference unused thumbnail The difference Lawns, shrubbery and trees carefully and lovingly tended can speak volumes about your property or business
  • Designer styling unused thumbnail Designer styling Using strategic stylish landscaping components can pleasantly distract the eye and keep the focus on your garden and not the properties beyond.
  • Good maintenance says something ..... unused thumbnail Good maintenance says something ..... Good property maintenance says something about you. If a visitor's first impression counts then so does nurturing your property.


Garden Design

We can help you design your perfect "exterior design" or undertake the entire task. Regardless, you will be satisfied.

Contract Maintenance

Getting your property just the way you want it is one thing. Keeping it that way is another! Speak to us about regular maintenance.

Landscape Gardening

We love what we do and it shows in our work. No job too large or small from pathways to ponds & water features and everything in between.